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Globe Telecoms decorating/Wood design is a very delicate balance of materials, colors, styles, furniture arrangements, lighting and more. Rugs, carpeting, wood floors vs tile; which creates the ambiance that you are looking for? Wallpapers have come a long way in ease of application and removal. Wall murals can take a blank wall and place you anywhere in the world (or out of it). Add a fake doorway and walk out into the Italian countryside. Paint colors can be bright and cheerful or subtle and calming. Furniture lines can be clean and simple or elaborate and decorative. Kitchens can have white cabinets and a country look or be espresso colored, chic and modern. Bathrooms can have beadboard walls and soft, blowing curtains or marble tile and showers that include waterfalls, rainforests or mountain mists. Here at 3d Home Decorator, we invite you  to see how our infinite combinations  make you feel at home.

Aluminum Fabrication

We have windows, doors, curtains, art, rugs, furniture, flooring, kitchens, bathroom fixtures, lighting, decor, home accessories and more to try in 3d rooms. All the rooms shown on this page were designed  by Aluminum.

 Mission Statement:

"Creativity & Functionality in Wood Design, delivering cost-effective and time-bound projects to clients."

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